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We travel to distant lands (even traversing a thousand miles!) in pursuit of your ultimate PATAKEYS. Why fuss over a mystical carpet adventure when you can immerse yourself in the world through our exceptional cultural treasures delivered right to your doorstep?

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Reveal the Colorful and Detailed Delights of Our Soulful Indian Collection!


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Explore the Himalayan Highway to Fashion Heaven with Patakeys' Organic Nepali Delights!

Nepali Culture

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Shop the Bali Way: Unleash the Magic of Balinese Culture with Our Handpicked Selection!

Balinese Culture

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Unearth the Mysteries of Siwa: Unconventional Products from Egypt's Hidden Gem!


High on Hemp Fashion Collection

Hemp Kurtas

Get ready to add some serious playfulness and eco-friendly style to your... 

Hemp Pants

Get ready to add some serious style to your wardrobe with our... 

Hemp Bags

Get ready to add some serious style to your accessory collection with... 

Silk 'N' Cashmere Scarves

Our lively silk cashmere scarves are the perfect accent for any summer outfit, whether you're sporting them as a headband at the beach or draping them around your neck for a night out on the town.

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Rajesthani Rainbow Shoes

Step up your style game with our vibrant and playful Raj shoes from India, available in a range of colours and sizes to suit any outfit and occasion


Avoid getting roasted by the sun and check out our funky assortment of handmade sun umbrellas.

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Magical Siwan Salt Lamps

Enliven your cozy crib with our warm handmade Salt lamps from Siwa, Egypt

Siwan Salt Lamps

Immerse your walls in vibrancy with our handmade tapestries. Indulge in the heavenly scented Indian and Balinese incense to complete your home. Embrace the vibrant culture of Siwa with our colourful palm wicker decorations.

Hand Made Tapestries

Get ready to add some serious color and charm to your home... 


Get ready to add some serious playfulness and exoticism to your home... 

Siwan Decorations

Get ready to add some serious playfulness and natural charm to your...