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Spiral Oil Incense Rock Salt Lamps

Spiral Oil Incense Rock Salt Lamps

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Bring a little radiance and rustic charm into your home with the Spiral Rock S

Light up the party and get your aromatherapy on with this medium Spiral oil incense rock salt lamp. Handcrafted from Siwan salt for an exceptional atmosphere! Decorate the room, cast a soothing glow and fill the air with your favorite scents—all with one gentle lamp! Spoil yourself with the perfect combination of beauty and tranquility.

alt Lamp! They make a perfect decorative piece while illuminating your surroundings with a soft and comforting glow. Not only do they look great, but they're made of all-natural Siwan salt, purifying the air and providing a wide range of health benefits! Light up and chill out!

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